martes, 18 de diciembre de 2007

Get Real

Debut director Simon Shore's gay-themed coming-of-age drama Get Real is based on Patrick Wilde's play What's Wrong With Angry?

Get Real follows the fate and fortunes of a group of teenagers as they pick their way through the minefield of adolescence. Sixteen year old Steven Carter is finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile life at school with the pressure of his parents' aspirations and his own inner state of hormonal overdrive. There's one thing Steven is completely reconciled to, however: he's gay and has known it for years. His only confidante in such matters of the heart is Linda, the girl next door, currently on her 48th driving lesson in the hopes of one day getting her way with driving instructor Bob.

While Steven spends his life at home telling his parents what they want to hear, school is the setting for romance and intrigue. Steven's best friend Mark is trying to win the attention of Wendy, the feisty new editor of the school magazine. Meanwhile, Wendy's best friend Jessica is trying to avoid the attention of her ex-boyfriend Kevin. She's still wounded by their recent break-up, and when Steven offers a sympathetic shoulder, she takes it as a promise of more to come.

The centre of attention for the entire student body is John Dixon, sporting superstar, academic achiever and all-around dreamboat. John's life comes complete with an assured place at his father's old Oxford college and the enviable accessory of local "supermodel" Christina Lindmann. Such accomplishments make him the idol of one half of the school and an object of desire for the other half - including Steven.

Steven's fortunes take an unexpected turn when he discovers that his feelings for John are returned. But while Steven wants to shout their love from the rooftops, John insists on keeping it firmly in the closet.

At the end of term prize-giving ceremony, where John is to be honored for his sporting prowess and Steven is to receive an award for his essay on "growing up as we approach the new millennium" the time for intrigue and evasion comes abruptly to an end. It's time to get real, and Steven becomes the conscience of them all.

Directed by Simon Shore and produced by Stephen Taylor, with Anant Singh and Helena Spring as Executive Producers, the film features performances by Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton and Charlotte Brittain. Get Real was released on May 14th, 1999 in the UK and Eire.